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cod.m WLED Controller (Wi-Fi)#

cod.m WLED Controller V0.10


  • Ready to use with WLED already installed
  • Suitable for 5V, 12V and 24V installations without additional voltage converter or configuration
  • Up to four lines of 1000 LEDs each
  • ESP32 (4MB) based, true 74AHCT125D level shifter
  • Additional connections on the back of the board
  • Detailed instructions and connection diagram
  • Compact design in a small housing (72 x 30 x 16mm)
  • Connection via 4-pin screw terminal block
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Self-programmable if required, flash/reset button available on the circuit board
  • Open source hardware (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  • Made in Germany
  • CE, RoHS, WEEE


This WLED controller was created together with the Loxone forum and on the initiative of First, we jointly developed our own firmware for any ESP8266-based WLAN hardware to enable the control of RGB(W) pixel strips. An easy connection to the Loxone universe was high on the wish list. After lengthy development of the software already programmed by Dennis Henning as open source, we decided together to switch to the open source WLED and integrate the necessary functions there as well.

Here is an example from one of our customers for garage door lighting. Thank you Manuel Dietrich! Manuel has taken the trouble to explain the complete installation in a tutorial: Loxforum Tutorial Garangensturzbeleuchtung (German).

The complete history and technical basics can be read in the blog: allgeek Techblog: Origin of the cod.m WLED Controller (German).

WLED already has everything you could wish for in a software for controlling (neo) pixel strips: Attractive UI, interfaces, various animation effects (WS2812FX) and the option to divide the LED strip into segments. All that was missing was an extension to directly "understand" the values generated by Loxone. So we added a parser for Loxone RGB and Lumitech to WLED. A pull request for inclusion in the official WLED version has been submitted (WLED GitHub Pull Request) and has already been incorporated into the main development branch. Loxone support has been included in the official version since version 0.11.

Instructions and connection diagrams#








In version 0.6, due to the pandemic-related supply bottlenecks, some 2MB and some 4MB modules were installed - this makes no difference to the function of WLED. All memory sizes of version 0.6 were treated as 2MB versions. If you have a 4MB version, you can flash WLED yourself with the extended file system layout and turn V0.6 into V0.6r2. V0.6r2 is supplied with 4MB modules throughout. The revision can be recognised by the sticker on the housing.

The first batch V0.8 has a red LED instead of a green one. We apologise for this and will be happy to replace the controller if a green LED is required.


  • ESP32 4MB
  • IO16/IO18
  • Update with WLED_xx_ESP32.bin.


  • ESP32 4MB/8MB
  • IO16/IO18
  • Update with WLED_xx_ESP32.bin


  • ESP8266 4MB
  • Data IO2, Clock IO0
  • Update with WLED_xx_ESP8266.bin


  • ESP8266 2/4MB
  • Data IO2, Clock IO0
  • Update with WLED_xx_ESP02.bin


  • ESP8266 2MB
  • Data IO2, Clock IO0
  • Update with WLED_xx_ESP02.bin